Pink Laser Beams

January 10, 2006 | Filed Under d'etre, fantastic weekend, mysterious, photo | 2 Comments 

I was awake at dawn this morning, (believe it or not), and happened to snap these photos from my backyard.






It’s always nice when a natural process like a sunrise converges with an artificial (perhaps sinister?) technology like airplane trails and you end up with something this unexpectedly beautiful.

Found Photos

January 9, 2006 | Filed Under art, found, funny haha, god bless the internet, mysterious, photo | 3 Comments 

This website is amazing. It’s like when you find a scrapbook in an antiques store and there are still pictures in it, except the photos are nowadays, and there’s like 30 scrapbooks. Sound like a fantasy? Well, maybe, but it’s for real. Seriously, folks, here’s the story:

“The Found Photos started last year while searching for mp3’s using a filesharing program. I was searching through someones shared file list and saw a folder named ‘pictures’. I downloaded the folder and found 20 or so digital camera pictures of this persons life taking pictures of himself, his friends etc. It made me wonder what else was out there, and after searching for more photos I found hundreds, thousands of them shared to everyone.”

I guess you could argue that websites like flickr are basically the same thing, but the difference is that this guy has weeded through all the truly boring crap and posted the really interestingly boring crap. I love the internet for this kind of stuff. click.

Hopkin Green Frog

January 9, 2006 | Filed Under funny haha, god bless the internet | Leave a Comment 

this isn’t new; you’ve probably seen it before. but it’s great. it’s a total rip on all yr base, (w) but i can’t help it. it’s crackin me up. click.