I’m a Real Person

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Some of you may remember my fortune cookie resume - well, I sent it to Boing-Boing a while back, and Xeni emailed me to say it seemed “kind of cool.” …which would have been enough to make me happy, but today, she included it in her Omakase links, complete with a “thanks to… Charlie B… etc” (at the bottom.)I got on BB, thus breaking my long-standing record of never getting anything submitted posted. This pleases me! Here’s the link.

It Stretches Your Body

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Another website of found letters - this one is pretty good - there aren’t very many, and the layout sucks, but the actual letters are good finds. They seem extra weird to me. Especially the ones in the “Hollywood” category - I’m actually not exactly sure what the Hollywood connection is, actually, but they’re definitely interesting. (see below for an example)

Dick Fucking Cheney

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This is beautiful -

(audio and mouths are from Scarface, case you wondered. and here’s who made it. (and a QT link for better quality))