fffffffffffffffffffshit…. oh my god…

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this is simultaneously really funny and kinda sad:

ok… ready? hang on. ok. ready? ok.

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I found this really awesome website the other day called Long Awkward Pose. It’s run by Katie Dippold, who is a comedy writer for MadTV and an improv performer for UCB Theatre; she also plays “Byte” in Gemberling, which is how I stumbled on her in the first place. Evidently, she’s a genius.Long Awkward Pose has a pretty straightforward and brilliant premise. From the site:

It’s simple, really. People look foolish when posing for a picture. So tell your loved ones you would like to take their photo… then secretly videotape them the whole time. 

That’s it in a nutshell. It’s a bunch of videos of people who think they’re posing for a picture. It’s hilarious. She posts a lot of videos of her coworkers at MadTV and her family members, but she also takes submissions. So far I’ve submitted five videos. I don’t know if she’ll put ‘em up, but I’ll link mine below so y’all can see. It’s a really fun joke to pull on your friends, so I imagine I’ll be doing more soon, and I’ll post them here… at least until I run out of unsuspecting friends.For now, check out the website, and here’s what I got so far:

Zach in my living roomwhile watching Legend of the Hidden Temple: Sean and Brandy at 97 Estoria:

Ian and Niki at 97 Estoria:

Christa in my kitchen:

Paul and Sheena in my living room:

Viva La Sketchbook

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For those of y’all who have been reading it, my old-sketchbook-pages-blog is up and running again. I hadn’t updated since before Christmas ’cause I was out of town a lot, and since I’ve been back in Atlanta, I hadn’t gotten around to scanning Sketchbook #4. But I finished that today, and I’m going back to daily updates.For anyone who hasn’t heard or checked it out yet, I’m posting a page a day from my old sketchbooks. I’ve been doing this for a while, and as of today, I’m starting #4, which begins in January 1998 (my senior year in high school) and wraps up sometime in the summer after graduation.At first, I debated whether this is too narcissistic of a project, but I decided that it’s ok because:a) i like the idea of archiving my old work online, regardless of anyone else’s interest.b) however, some of my friends probably would want to see these drawings, especially if they are the subjects and/or have fond memories associated with them.c) i would be interested in this type of project if someone else was doing it.so there you have it.The book I’m starting to post now is a pretty good one. (finally.) A lot of the early stuff leading up to this has been kinda crappy, but by my senior year, my style was developing, I had decided to go to art school, and I was drawing a lot. So there are some good pages to come.In other words, if you haven’t been looking at my sketchbook blog, this is a good time to get onboard. If you feel like checking it out, here’s the link:


If you’re so inclined, bookmark it; I’ll be updating daily. And if you’re really SOOO inclined, I’d love any feedback or commentary.


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this is horrifying and awesome!

Buncha Parties, Buncha Pictures

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I just finished scanning a whole lotta polaroids from the three parties I attended in the last week or so; thought you’d like to see.

XMAS NIGHT at Will Anders’ in Fairhope (10 photos) ///NEW YEAR’S EVE’S EVE at Jonathan Smith’s in Fairhope (39 photos)///NEW YEAR’S EVE at my place in ATL (75 photos)