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I know I hardly ever post anything here anymore, but that’s just because i’m in an ebb as opposed to a flow (it’s more like a wane than a wax.)don’t worry, though. I shall return in force. maybe even seven-fold.but here’s the won’t be HERE.I’m working on building my very own website for a few various purposes (demo-reel, etc) - and although I’ve been catching some shit from the peanut gallery about not having anything “click-worthy” up yet, I really am in the process of puting it i migrated this blog over to it’s new digs, and i must say i can see why people like wordpress better than blogger. it’s just nicer in a lot of ways. (i have categories now, for example… and things are searchable, and it’s just better.)ANYFNWAY,for bookmarking purposes::: the new location for the blog is:

right now, the front page of is just a “coming soon” page. eventually, it will be replaced with something a little more option-y and choice-y. the sketchbook thing will probably come back, too.but this is all i’m doing today. Now i’m going to go eat some dinner.and maybe get a little crunk.BELIEVE IT!