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just finished framing these up!  this is my “aesthetic phonetic” project - it will be on display at WonderRoot Community Arts Center for the month of June.  They will be on sale, too - - cheap.  I’m thinking of setting the price with a deal if you buy multiples - i.e: $30 each, $100 for four.  

There will be a closing reception on June 28.  If you have any doodle-loving friends, let them know!


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Deer Skull

post-it note, 3×3″ - pens, colored pencil


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I have no idea how long this will last - but according to the Cast and Crew section on the New York Times website, I have an incredibly diverse resume.

I’m pretty sure this happened when they data-mined my IMDB page and then didn’t input it correctly into their own system - all of these movies’ credits seem to be about half real and half House of Payne episodes.

In any case - it’s pretty amusing - -  “Tyler Perry’s Dracula Sucks” anyone?

The only real one on this list is One Missed Call - I really did work on that flick.


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fair warning:  this is slightly gross, so don’t read if you’re eating/downloading your cybernetic internet wireless dinner 2000.    (it’s not that bad, tho - and maybe funny).

so i had a minor dermatological surgery this morning - removal of 3 moles from my back and a little ‘cyst’ (i call it a bump) that was smack in the middle of my chest - nothing scary, they’re all harmless, i think doctors just like to practice cutting things.

but the funny part is the little comedic remarks the doctor kept making to me and his female med-student assistant in order to lighten the atmosphere in the room.

while he was cutting the chest thing:  ”Heh, it’s like we’re on Grey’s Anatomy or something, you know?”  - pause - “Except less sex.  ’cause real-life doctors don’t have time for sex.  That’s the one thing that’s really unrealistic about that show.”

and then, a few minutes later:  ”Man, when we’re through with you it’s gonna look like Rambo gotcha.”

I love doctor jokes.




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dance, chupacabra

post-it note, 3×3″
pens, sharpie, highlighter, colored pencil


this chupacabra, with multi-jointed floppy arms, dances ecstatically by the light of a full moon as part of a seasonal ritual known as “the quesadilla party”.  this is the first time this secret gathering has ever been drawn on a post-it note by someone at work.


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today is my sister Abigail’s birthday - so it’s a perfect opportunity for me to tell you about the very interesting blog she’s been keeping for her digital art history class.  Have a look - and wish her a happy bday.


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mysterious item


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we’re going to the beach for the weekend - leaving landlocked atlanta tonight directly after work. i’m overflowing with excitement.

so - I’ll take this opportunity to share with you a song i wrote a long while ago.  it’s about going to the beach.  i like to think of it as a prophecy of big fun.  

Beach Spirals 


the beach is whiter than anything
and wide enough to walk upon
and where it’s wet
the sky reflects
and we’ll draw giant spirals with our feet

the water is warmer than anything
and green enough to hypnotize
we’ll sing songs
all day long
and wallow in the glory of good times

let’s go to the beach!
let’s go to the beach!
let’s go to the beach!

ok! ok! ok! ok!

and if you see a shark
or a jellyfish
it’s OK
don’t get too scared
we’ll just take a break from swimmin’

the day at the beach is the best
but the night can be even better
we’ll all go up to our friends’ beach house
get drunk
and get it on with our girlfriends

let’s go to the beach!
let’s go to the beach!
let’s go to the beach!

ok! ok! ok! ok!


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Weird Winter

post-it note, 3×3″
partly inspired by a partly weird winter


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I figured out how to use the “photomerge” tool in photoshop today - it’s pretty neat.  I spun around in a circle while taking lots of pictures in my bedroom, ran the program on “auto” and this is what it came up with.  (I did clean it up a bit by cropping the weird amoeba shape into a square).

It’s not perfect - there are a lot of photos that it couldn’t figure out the placement on.  But I was pretty impressed with what it could do on it’s own - the floor especially is made up of probably 10 or 15 separate photos, which the program stitched together pretty flawlessly.  That weird blob in the middle is my feet.

I actually had a different “view” in mind while taking the pictures, and the program will allow you to manually place the photos in the layout you want, which it will attempt to blend as best as it can.  The result is not as smoothed, but it still works, and it’s a completely different effect.  View it large on my flickr to see what I mean.

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