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isn’t the “description of the weird dream i had last night” one of the most annoying blog posts possible?  

the answer is no, it’s very funny and interesting.  listen:

i had the wildest dream last night!  I dreamt that my whole family and I were at an amusement park, disney world style.  we went on the “Finding Nemo” ride, which was kinda like the old-school pirates of the caribbean, in that you’re in a dark room with water… but there was no boat, you just waded into this waist deep water, and there were frozen fish floating around that would thaw out and come back to life and swim around.  I recall the “object of the game of the ride” was to try to find nemo… so we were lookin everywhere…

and we found ourselves in a room with GIANT maps covering the walls and tables.  we were seriously trying to plan a search for Nemo.  Admiral Adama from Battlestar Galactica was there, angrily squinting at the maps.  He said, “How in hell are we supposed to know whether Nemo is in Paris, the Island of Hawaii or Paris, the Island of Iran?”  I remember thinking to myself… hmm, i knew about Paris, Texas, but I had no idea there were others, too… but I looked at the maps, and sure enough.  Then one of Adama’s assistants piped up, pointing at a new map, “Sir, for all we know, he could also be in Paris, the Island of Labrador.”  This made the Admiral mad and he pounded on the table and said, “Dammit!”

Then we were at my Aunt’s house, but it had been redecorated to look like one of those huge party-barge boats from the 70s.  there was wood paneling everywhere and doors that slid into the walls.  interestingly, my aunt’s house really has those kinds of doors in real life.  after a while, we actually were on a party-barge.  i looked out over the railing, and saw another boat docked nearby.  it was full of middle aged nudists.  a couple of the nudists came over to our boat and offered to help us search for Nemo.  We were reluctant to accept their naked help, but we did because they knew the sea. 






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  1. Leigh on June 4th, 2008 2:03 pm

    those doors are called pocket doors.

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