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obama / quetzalcoatl - 2012

realized yesterday that 2012 is not only the end of the world/mayan calendar - but it will also be an election year… presumably for Obama’s 2nd term.  Holden and I thought of a great idea for a running mate!

I actually ordered a few of these bumper stickers from I’ll have some extras if anyone wants one…


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  1. mark on August 7th, 2008 6:55 am

    yes please

  2. Ashutosh on December 24th, 2014 1:53 am

    Elderly neighbour cold-called 02/11/2012 by Susan Watts of TRINITY, Apartado de Correos 11001, 07010 Mallorca, offnireg a35,000 for her 1 week timeshare in Spain, and asking for a3907.50 advance payment by international transfer to an account in Palma for administration fees . Letter was received from Trinity with details of account to which advance payment is to be transferred (IBAN: ES67 0061 0180 6101 0605 0119, SWIFT: BMARES2M), but no description of service to be supplied or Terms and Conditions. Neighbour has been target of multiple Timeshare scams in the past, including one by KPK Marketing, Kensington High Street, London. Interesting to note the UK contact number for Trinity is identical to the one used by KPK Marketing: 0845 303 2794. Trinity is obviously operating a Timeshare resale scam specifically designed and targeted at the elderly. Makes me feel sick!

  3. Anthony on March 24th, 2015 6:32 pm

    that “Freedom Vacation” had gone bankrupt and then he drove us to their oicffe in Los Cristianos, to confirm this, the oicffe was vacant. My wife and I were distraught that our savings of 6 months previous were gone and we had nowhere to officially stay in Tenerife.We returned to BHC where we were told that all was not lost. Mr Gordon made an appointment with us to visit the Sales Team oicffe. We were desperately unhappy when the sales team told us our a311,000.00 paid to Freedom Vacation was lost, but Mr Gordon reassured us that we would get this amount of money back, plus a lot more by investing a325,000.00 in their scheme. We stayed with Mr Gordon from around 10.00am to about 5.00 – 5.30pm that day. We were treated in a very kind manner and the staff were very sympathetic and told us not to worry as we were almost in tears at our predicament. 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It was not a comfortable meeting, and was in stark contrast to our treatment in the sales room. We were not told of any cooling off period before or after signing the final forms.That night I felt so sick and I hardly slept, the enormity of what we had signed for had sunk in. I felt totally stressed and this had all happened within 24 hours of arriving in Tenerife. The next morning Mr Gordon came to our room with a bottle of celebratory wine for us. I told him how I felt and he told me that this was a normal reaction to many of his clients and that it was alright and we would soon see the benefits and to relax and enjoy the remainder of our holiday, which he had arranged for the remainder of the week in Beverly Hills.I think at this stage we still didn’t understand the timeshare implications and what we had bought into. Our understanding was that we had taken out a loan, organised by Resort Properties, for up to 18 months, which we would pay off after they sold the timeshare and the interest would be ours. This scheme would continue year after year. We were not informed about maintenance fees or any other consequential costs except for the fact that we may have to pay up for a further 6 months after their initial “one year free payments” had expired (a33,000 plus), then the loan would be paid off. We received a maintenance fee letter in January 2009 which came as a total shock to us.After arriving home in the UK we received a cheque as promised for a33,000 + (cannot remember exact amount) for the first yeas repayments to Barclays Finance. This reassured us at the time that there were no problems.I returned to work in the Middle East on 21st July 2008 and did not see any correspondence until we returned home again in late December 2008. One letter from Resort Properties informed us that we had a cooling off period. The letter was not received by me between signing the agreement on the 7th July 2008 and returning to work on 21st July 2008, therefore I was not made aware of this fact that there was a cooling off period until it was too late.June 2009We returned to Beverly Hills in June 2009 for a short holiday and to visit the sales team. During this visit we were again pressured to sign for another investment of a324,950, a further loan, as it was pointed out that we could do this year after year as each loan was being paid off. I believed at that time that our initial investment would be closed in the stated time and this second investment would have no impact for the future as the profits from the first investment would cover any payment needed on this second loan.The Resort Properties rep, Mr Gordon, pointed out that as the first loan was taken out in my name, the second loan would have to be taken out in the name of my wife as my loan was still active after 11 months. I pointed out that my wife was a housewife and had no income of her own, he said he would sort this out as he knew a person at Barclays Finance. Again, it was a repeat process of the previous year, except it was speeded up once the credit rating was approved. We were treated with friendliness and familiarity and we felt as if we were part of the team, that we were there for the benefit of ourselves and the Resort company.The following day, Mr Gordon called upon us in our apartment and said he had a great investment opportunity for us and for us to go to the oicffe with him. When we arrived, he showed us a video that was being displayed on the TV monitors and some glossy brochures of the Sunseeker Boats that were only for investment with trusted customers. He pointed out that all the other people in the room were investing in the “Boat Scheme”. The other sales rep`s were pointing to the monitors and we noticed lots of people looking at videos like we were. We were taken to the Yacht Marina in Los Cristianos and given a personal tour around the boat. There were four boats moored up at the time. 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In the end he was talking aggressively as I was deliberating about this and he said that he could not get anyone else at this late stage and I felt responsible for this. My wife said she needed the money for a new car and Mr Carl tersely told her she could get a car at anytime. I was offered the apartment at a knock-down price of 8,340€ (a36,950) which i paid cash for by transfer from my UK bank. This occupancy I believe was for 60 years through my family.Following our visits to Tenerife Beverly Hills in 2009 I have not returned to Tenerife until now as I am afraid of visiting Resort Properties. Not a day passes in my life when I do not think of how I was duped by these unscrupulous people working in Beverly Hills. I have been suffering from depression and i am now treated permanently for hypertension brought on by the stress of what happened in Beverly Hills.It was never mentioned and it never occurred to me that I could still be paying off a loan and also my wife’s loan until I was 68 years old. As far as I was concerned, the resort representative said it would be, at the outside – 18 months repayments, which is what all the agreements and verbal assurances were based on.I swear on my child’s life that he told me that he had never had anyone lose money on his business transactions and we would be reaping the benefits of our arrangement for the remainder of our lives.GMK

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