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out of work Freelance Writer/Designer/Illustrator and friend of mine Tori is starting a cool project in which she takes any weirdo odd job she can get and blogs about it.  Knowing her to be a funny, funny person, I’m looking fwd to this. 

Read more ’bout it on Pecanne Log and, of course, check out Tori’s new blog, Lemonade Standoff. 

If you’re in Atlanta and you have something for her to do, and don’t mind tossing her a few bucks, let her know!


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An Evening with Crispin Hellion Glover is coming to Atlanta’s Plaza theater this weekend (Fri and Sat, 8/29-30)  He’s showing What Is It? and doing a Q and A.  Here’s a little write-up.   I’m going on Saturday - if anyone wants to join, get your tick and come on!

COME TO THIS THING ((sat 6.28.08))

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WonderRoot June Art Show flyer

WonderRoot.org  –  WR myspace – WR flickr

my drawings  –  i wrote a statement

  :::: my drawings ARE  $30 each, or pick 4 for $100 :::::
a real bargain!


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our friends’ band Bear in Heaven plays the EARL tomorrow night - saturday 6.14.

Come on and be there, and bring your so-called “friends”

we’ll have a big time.  



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just finished framing these up!  this is my “aesthetic phonetic” project - it will be on display at WonderRoot Community Arts Center for the month of June.  They will be on sale, too - - cheap.  I’m thinking of setting the price with a deal if you buy multiples - i.e: $30 each, $100 for four.  

There will be a closing reception on June 28.  If you have any doodle-loving friends, let them know!


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saw EARTH last night - and they sounded amazing.  great live mix… I think the sound guy at the Earl is really on top of his game lately.  In between songs at the Destroyer show on monday, Dan Bejar remarked that “this might be the best sounding stage in North America.”  to which the crowd responded enthusiastically.  and they’re from CANADA.  so they would probably know.

but getting back to earth (ha): as much as I really really enjoyed the show, I kept having a weird urge to make jokes about them.  which i did to whichever friend was standing next to me.  bad jokes, too.  but i mean, come on, they have songs with titles like “Omens and Portents Pt II”… they’re askin’ for it.  and my jokes come from a place of love and good intentions.  

plus, my humor leans toward the lame side of the spectrum… the worse the joke, the funnier it is to me personally.  (can’t speak for anyone else on that…)  at one point, they broke out a trombone and i said “what on earth will they think of next?!”  real cringers crack me up sometimes.  something about layers.  

the trombone was really unexpectedly cool, though.


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saw Destroyer last night at the EARL.  great show.  the new album lived in my truck on a loop for about two weeks straight, and i was glad at the show that i knew the new songs so well.  made the experience a bit richer.  my only complaint was that the set was a little long - i think they did a 5 song encore, and by the end of it i was just ready to go on home.  I mean, it was a monday, right?  does that make me an old man?

old man or not, i’m considering going to see Earth on wednesday if anyone’s interested in joining.


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Blitzen Trapper / Fleet Foxes / (& our friends) Nomen Novum 

at the drunken unicorn - - - 9:00 / $10 


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“Most fresh spinach in the United States is “as safe as it was” before a nationwide E. coli outbreak, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said, revising a two-week-old consumer warning.” 

Joe’s a Real Person Now

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Our dear friend and comrade Joe Stickney has his name in print on a real life mostly respectable website - Pitchfork - for being a (rather integral) part of the Table of the Elements festival that took place at Eyedrum a couple weeks ago.I wish I could’ve gone for the whole festival; it sounded, and apparently was, incredible. But it was expensive and I’m not a rich man. I did make it to the second to last night, and caught Tony Conrad’s awesome violin intonation deal as well as Rhys Chatham’s Essentialist (for which Joe was the “drummist”) (or is it “drum-a-teer” ? who can say.) I also listened to a little bit of Leif Inge’s 24 hr version of Beethoven’s Ninth. But I couldn’t stay for the whole thing.Overall, it was a pretty impressive night of avant garde music, and everyone seemed to be really digging it. Also, somewhat coincidentally, there was a miniature reunion of a bunch of us former Savannah residents who all happened to be in town. It was real cool to hang with those dudes again for the first time in about 4 years.Anyway, the point of all this is that Pitchfork did a nice “live review” piece on the festival, and Joe gets mentioned very favorably. In fact, the point at which his name comes up seems to be the moment when the reviewer noticed that everyone in the room was high on the awesomeness of everything, and Joe is given credit for bringing a new vital flavor to the pantry. So, way to go, Joe.update 9.24.06:Joe and the Rhys Chatham’s Essentialist gang just got written up in Pitchfork AGAIN - twice in the same week. The new one is about the Wire Fest in Chicago on 9.20, which was the last stop on their tour, this time performing with the likes of Jandek and John McEntire.The Pitchfork peeps really like Joe - here’s the best quote:

Chatham addressed his young players with the intensive stare of a conductor, keeping time with strums on his own guitar rather than a baton. And his drummer (pitcured above) positively killed 

What I want to know, is if Joe’s been killing people in Chicago, shouldn’t someone stop him? I mean, yeah, he’s a great drummer. We all know that. But murder? Come on, Joe, you’re not above the law.Check out Joe sweatin’ like a Viking on Pitchfork:



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Major score in the Polaroid department - my awesome boss on We Are Marshall remembered that I’m a Polaroid-head and just gave me an entire case of film that was left over in hair/makeup/wardrobe land!We’re talking 30 double packs of instant gratification.that’s 600 pictures just waiting to be called from the ether into existence. So get ready, folks. I’m gonna be wantin’ to take yer picture…

The B could also be for Book

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Newsflash! I’m starting a new project. As many of you know, I have this thing for documentation/archiving/preservation/capturing-of-fleeting-moments. Evidence for this impulse of mine can be seen in my flickr sets of my entire polaroid collection*, my paintings, my post-it note drawings*, my aesthetic-phonetic project*, and maybe eventually my collection of ticket stubs for practically every movie I’ve seen in the past 10 years. I know, that’s a little weird. But I like to collect things, and I especially like to archive and organize and document and preserve for posterity. I think it might be great one day to be able to show my kids what I was into and doing and creating from a young age onward… and in the meantime, my family and friends, too. My thinking is that if I continue to preserve these things, hopefully I can create a sort of seamless continuum that can connect my young self to my slightly older self, to my early adult self, to my middle aged self, to my retiree self, to my rickety old man self, and explain how each of those selves transitioned from one to the next. It’s interesting to me, at least, as a kind of ongoing, neverending experiment.So along those lines, when I was sixteen, I started keeping a “serious” sketchbook. I had sketchbooks before this, but they were mostly drawings of spaceships, airplanes, racecars, and teenage mutant ninja turtles. But when I started getting interested in creating real art for the first time, I was advised by my art teachers to buy a hard-bound blank-page sketchbook, and draw in it frequently, and keep it to look at later. So I did this… and I’ve been doing it ever since.I really jumped on the sketchbook train. I loved the concept of it. I brought it with me everywhere. I drew in it at summer camp, at the beach, at school during PE, at home on the trampoline in the backyard, in planes, and at work. Early on, I made it clear to my friends (also burgeoning artists) that they were not only welcome, but encouraged to draw or write anything they felt like any time they wanted to in my sketchbooks. Sometimes I had more than one book going, but usually, the drawings and the books were completed chronologically, and I saved them all.So in effect, these books became a pretty vivid document of my life from age 16 til now. I can look at certain pages and recall where I was and what was happening in detail - like the completely abstract elaborate scribbling in book 2 or 3 that I did at like 4 am when I was drunk at a fishing camp with my Baton Rouge friends waiting for a honey-soaked cigarette to come out of the oven (an experiment which failed dramatically). Or the drawing of the inside of the staff cottage at Camp Beckwith that I made during a particularly mellow rest-time after lunch with my swim shorts still wet from sailing - I remember the air conditioner was on too high and it was chilly. I know that this is pretty personal stuff that the average viewer wouldn’t have any way of picking up on. But with my commentary, there’s a pretty rich history of me and my friends in these books. And of course, there are other pages that certain people in the world would probably have a certain connection to and might like to see. Naturally, a lot of the drawings are bad, or meaningless, or uninteresting. But there are a few good ones, and a few that can be accompanied by good stories, and a few that are just funny.So here’s the project: I, Charlie B. Spaht, full of pretty good intentions, an ambition seasoned with a little bit of hubris, and a curiosity to see what’ll happen if I do it, propose to create a new “blog” in which I will post scans of every page of my “serious” sketchbooks, in the order that they were created, starting with book #1 (which begins in December ‘96,) without skipping pages no matter how embarassing, one page per day, with commentary when relevant, until I reach the present day, at which point I guess I’ll keep going, but maybe not once a day. In addition, at the point of completion for each book, I’ll create a flickr set for easier reference (and organization).I think this should be an interesting experiment. It should satisfy my need to collect and document my work, possibly explain a few things about what makes me tick, and at the least, provide a momentary diversion every day or so for a few of you.So, if you’re so inclined, check it, don’t wreck it; and feel free to bookmark it:


p.s. this blog isn’t going away - I’ll still be posting non-sketchbook-related items here. just sayin. don’t forget about ‘dre.UPDATE: 6/28/06SKETCHBOOK #1 on FlickrUPDATE: 10/05/06SKETCHBOOK #2 on Flickr

Happy F’n Pi Day

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y’all gonna love this (witcha spkrs on)