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friend-band Bear in Heaven have a new video for their song “fraternal noon” - guitarist adam directed:


the track is from their album “red bloom of the boom” which I’d like to hereby recommend to YOU.
you can buy it from their label (also friend-run) Hometapes. 


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New poem/song lyrics - - I’ve been working on this off and on for a while, and I think it’s just about finished.  I started setting it to music last night and it’s coming together nicely.  I’m looking forward to recording it.  Feedback is welcome.



Watching as you turn below
and I’m encircling you
olive wreath
your new mountain heath
the first thing
the greatest
fresh grown

As below, now so above
a vessel brimming in love
now within
she’s roving and turning again
she’s a lion
an ibis
a dove

Iapetus! O’apetus!
Once, Again, and Once again
Iapetus! My’apetus!
Thrice great, Ao! Ao! Ao!

I’m just one of your satellites
but here I can see so far
so let us sing
of Saturn’s rings

I thought I felt my cells divide
my life diverging to lives
soon I’ll bloom
like your original plume
first warm water
then fire
then ice 


If anyone is looking for some interesting reading, this crazy-ass article is what sparked my original interest in Saturn’s “moon” Iapetus, and relatedly, wikipedia’s take on panspermia/exogenesis and hermeticism.



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we’re going to the beach for the weekend - leaving landlocked atlanta tonight directly after work. i’m overflowing with excitement.

so - I’ll take this opportunity to share with you a song i wrote a long while ago.  it’s about going to the beach.  i like to think of it as a prophecy of big fun.  

Beach Spirals 


the beach is whiter than anything
and wide enough to walk upon
and where it’s wet
the sky reflects
and we’ll draw giant spirals with our feet

the water is warmer than anything
and green enough to hypnotize
we’ll sing songs
all day long
and wallow in the glory of good times

let’s go to the beach!
let’s go to the beach!
let’s go to the beach!

ok! ok! ok! ok!

and if you see a shark
or a jellyfish
it’s OK
don’t get too scared
we’ll just take a break from swimmin’

the day at the beach is the best
but the night can be even better
we’ll all go up to our friends’ beach house
get drunk
and get it on with our girlfriends

let’s go to the beach!
let’s go to the beach!
let’s go to the beach!

ok! ok! ok! ok!


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it just occured to me that the very first line of “one way or another” by blondie is the same melody (or pretty close?) as the first line of “somewhere out there” from “an american tale”.  sup with that?


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saw EARTH last night - and they sounded amazing.  great live mix… I think the sound guy at the Earl is really on top of his game lately.  In between songs at the Destroyer show on monday, Dan Bejar remarked that “this might be the best sounding stage in North America.”  to which the crowd responded enthusiastically.  and they’re from CANADA.  so they would probably know.

but getting back to earth (ha): as much as I really really enjoyed the show, I kept having a weird urge to make jokes about them.  which i did to whichever friend was standing next to me.  bad jokes, too.  but i mean, come on, they have songs with titles like “Omens and Portents Pt II”… they’re askin’ for it.  and my jokes come from a place of love and good intentions.  

plus, my humor leans toward the lame side of the spectrum… the worse the joke, the funnier it is to me personally.  (can’t speak for anyone else on that…)  at one point, they broke out a trombone and i said “what on earth will they think of next?!”  real cringers crack me up sometimes.  something about layers.  

the trombone was really unexpectedly cool, though.


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saw Destroyer last night at the EARL.  great show.  the new album lived in my truck on a loop for about two weeks straight, and i was glad at the show that i knew the new songs so well.  made the experience a bit richer.  my only complaint was that the set was a little long - i think they did a 5 song encore, and by the end of it i was just ready to go on home.  I mean, it was a monday, right?  does that make me an old man?

old man or not, i’m considering going to see Earth on wednesday if anyone’s interested in joining.


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from “The Amen Break and the Golden Ratio”:

A student recently asked if I had any insights into why the “Amen Break” is so popular in some modern music. “What’s that?” I had to admit that I hadn’t heard of it. But when we listened to it, a drum break beat, I recognized the rhythm right away. I’d heard it in television commercials and the music of James Brown, and elsewhere. You probably have too. I became intrigued when I saw an image of the audio waves themselves because I immediately recognized the Golden Ratio in the structure of its timing. And I was surprised to find an even deeper relationship to the structure of the human body.

An interesting read!


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acquired the big one from a frat boy on his way to the beach for spring break - he sold it to me for beer money.  thanks, craigslist!  the little one is borrowed from mark.  i’m hoping these things will make me a more effective recording artist. 


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the show was awesome, esp FLEET FOXES.   wow.   wish you were there.

Studio Apartments

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In 2002 at SCAD I made a short documentary as a final project for my advanced editing class. It’s called “Studio Apartments,” and it follows three musicians as they explore writing and recording music at home. The three musicians were, of course, friends and roommates of mine, but regardless of that bias, I still think it’s a pretty decent video piece, and the music is good.Almost all of my friends in Savannah were artists and/or musicians, and we were all playing around with writing and recording music with a different approach. At the same time, we were constantly bouncing our ideas off of each other. So when I decided to make a documentary, it was a logical step to focus on friends of mine who were also friends amongst themselves. The piece consists of separate interviews and recording footage, so you don’t necessarily know that they know one another, but it’s evident in other ways.One reason that this is still interesting to me in the first place is that it’s an early look at where these guys were coming from. They’ve all gone on to do some really great stuff, and are actively continuing to do really great stuff, so it’s interesting to see what they were like when they were just starting to figure out what direction they would go in.Everyone influenced everyone, and there was (and still is) a lot of overlap; during the production of this documentary, Paul Duncan was beginning to record his first album, To an Ambient Hollywood. He lived two doors down from me and Mickey Ladd, so we (and Joe) were all in on early critiques. After graduation, Paul and I were roommates in Atlanta, where he finished the first album and started work on his second. Home-Tapes, an indie label started by two other friends of ours, debuted with that record, and has gone on to become a really awesome, highly respected, successful endeavor; this year they had a showcase stage at the CMJ fest.Meanwhile, Joe Stickney had moved to Brooklyn and was playing with several bands. My documentary focuses on his electronic music, but Joe is also THE bad-ass drummer. Joe currently plays with Bear in Heaven and just finished a tour with Rhys Chatham as the drummer for Rhys Chatham’s Essentialist. After Atlanta, Paul joined Joe in New York, so nowadays Joe also drums in Paul’s live band and contributed a lot to his second and third albums.Since then, Mickey Ladd has kept it pretty low-key on the music tip, but he’s still writing and recording little eagles of songs. He sends me mp3s from time to time, and it’s really just a matter of time before his stuff will be in your ear, too.Anyway, for those of you that already know these guys, personally or not, I thought you might get a kick out of seeing what they were doing a few years ago. I emailed Paul a clip and he said it was embarassing, but I beg to differ. Sure, they weren’t as far along or musically developed as they are now, but this is historical stuff. I’m preserving it for posterity. Hopefully Paul won’t mind too much.If you’ve never heard of these folks before, check ‘em out. Go to Home-Tapes and buy Paul’s stuff. It is VERY GOOD. While you’re there, buy some other stuff. Everything Home-Tapes has put out so far has been incredible. They have finely-tuned tastes.Go to Paul’s, Bear in Heaven’s and Rhys Chatham’s Essentialists myspace pages. Have a listen. I don’t know if the latter dudes have anything for sale yet, but keep checking.Mickey,(1, 2), doesn’t have any records out yet, either, but I’ll let you know as soon as he without further whatever, here’s the documentary, (in 3 parts thanks to You Tube’s file size limit.) Hope you enjoy; let me know what you think.

/// one




Joe’s a Real Person Now

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Our dear friend and comrade Joe Stickney has his name in print on a real life mostly respectable website - Pitchfork - for being a (rather integral) part of the Table of the Elements festival that took place at Eyedrum a couple weeks ago.I wish I could’ve gone for the whole festival; it sounded, and apparently was, incredible. But it was expensive and I’m not a rich man. I did make it to the second to last night, and caught Tony Conrad’s awesome violin intonation deal as well as Rhys Chatham’s Essentialist (for which Joe was the “drummist”) (or is it “drum-a-teer” ? who can say.) I also listened to a little bit of Leif Inge’s 24 hr version of Beethoven’s Ninth. But I couldn’t stay for the whole thing.Overall, it was a pretty impressive night of avant garde music, and everyone seemed to be really digging it. Also, somewhat coincidentally, there was a miniature reunion of a bunch of us former Savannah residents who all happened to be in town. It was real cool to hang with those dudes again for the first time in about 4 years.Anyway, the point of all this is that Pitchfork did a nice “live review” piece on the festival, and Joe gets mentioned very favorably. In fact, the point at which his name comes up seems to be the moment when the reviewer noticed that everyone in the room was high on the awesomeness of everything, and Joe is given credit for bringing a new vital flavor to the pantry. So, way to go, Joe.update 9.24.06:Joe and the Rhys Chatham’s Essentialist gang just got written up in Pitchfork AGAIN - twice in the same week. The new one is about the Wire Fest in Chicago on 9.20, which was the last stop on their tour, this time performing with the likes of Jandek and John McEntire.The Pitchfork peeps really like Joe - here’s the best quote:

Chatham addressed his young players with the intensive stare of a conductor, keeping time with strums on his own guitar rather than a baton. And his drummer (pitcured above) positively killed 

What I want to know, is if Joe’s been killing people in Chicago, shouldn’t someone stop him? I mean, yeah, he’s a great drummer. We all know that. But murder? Come on, Joe, you’re not above the law.Check out Joe sweatin’ like a Viking on Pitchfork:


Will Hamburger

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I was browsing the latest cool-person haircut-club music news on Pitchfork, and came across this amazing commercial for BPB’s new joint - had to make sure you all see it. Two of my favorite Drag City slickers, powers combined. The last line is esp. Hamburgery… crack’d me up and down.Neil Hamburger was in Atlanta a few nights ago, but I missed it. Dang. Geuss I should pay more attention. (speaking of Drag City-ers tho, I did catch Six Organs of Admittance at the EARL the other night and it was f’n badd to the awe to the some.)

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