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I’m thinking of doing a series of post-it note drawings of my polaroids.  Now that the film is nearly impossible to lay hands on, I figure my collection of 1000+ polaroids is probably complete.  I’d love to attempt to do a complete run of 1000 post-its, but I realize that’s a rather ambitious goal to start out with.  So for now, here’s number 1 and we’ll see where it goes.

no. 1 - Jonathan at the American Legion Pier

Jonathan at the Legionj

Jonathan at the American Legion Pier
probably circa 1998


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I figured out how to use the “photomerge” tool in photoshop today - it’s pretty neat.  I spun around in a circle while taking lots of pictures in my bedroom, ran the program on “auto” and this is what it came up with.  (I did clean it up a bit by cropping the weird amoeba shape into a square).

It’s not perfect - there are a lot of photos that it couldn’t figure out the placement on.  But I was pretty impressed with what it could do on it’s own - the floor especially is made up of probably 10 or 15 separate photos, which the program stitched together pretty flawlessly.  That weird blob in the middle is my feet.

I actually had a different “view” in mind while taking the pictures, and the program will allow you to manually place the photos in the layout you want, which it will attempt to blend as best as it can.  The result is not as smoothed, but it still works, and it’s a completely different effect.  View it large on my flickr to see what I mean.


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did y’all know I work in a spaceship?

assistant editor shed


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pretty dinner


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was really great  

andrea took some good pictures (click on me up there) 


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Molecular Cloud Barnard 68


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acquired the big one from a frat boy on his way to the beach for spring break - he sold it to me for beer money.  thanks, craigslist!  the little one is borrowed from mark.  i’m hoping these things will make me a more effective recording artist. 


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went to the park this afternoon, saw this:  


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 Old friend Kelly Kleinschrodt is a photographer / filmmaker in los angeles who I know from Alabama days.  I just got the link to her portfolio, {via zach sierke} and I’m super impressed.  Zach also sent along a bunch of Kelly’s ((really great)) newer photos not yet on her website, so keep an eye out for updates.


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Tag Cloud - 3.19.08

i’ve been working on tagging my flickr photos - here’s the cloud as of today 


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this is horrifying and awesome!

Buncha Parties, Buncha Pictures

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I just finished scanning a whole lotta polaroids from the three parties I attended in the last week or so; thought you’d like to see.

XMAS NIGHT at Will Anders’ in Fairhope (10 photos) ///NEW YEAR’S EVE’S EVE at Jonathan Smith’s in Fairhope (39 photos)///NEW YEAR’S EVE at my place in ATL (75 photos)

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