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New poem/song lyrics - - I’ve been working on this off and on for a while, and I think it’s just about finished.  I started setting it to music last night and it’s coming together nicely.  I’m looking forward to recording it.  Feedback is welcome.



Watching as you turn below
and I’m encircling you
olive wreath
your new mountain heath
the first thing
the greatest
fresh grown

As below, now so above
a vessel brimming in love
now within
she’s roving and turning again
she’s a lion
an ibis
a dove

Iapetus! O’apetus!
Once, Again, and Once again
Iapetus! My’apetus!
Thrice great, Ao! Ao! Ao!

I’m just one of your satellites
but here I can see so far
so let us sing
of Saturn’s rings

I thought I felt my cells divide
my life diverging to lives
soon I’ll bloom
like your original plume
first warm water
then fire
then ice 


If anyone is looking for some interesting reading, this crazy-ass article is what sparked my original interest in Saturn’s “moon” Iapetus, and relatedly, wikipedia’s take on panspermia/exogenesis and hermeticism.



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Molecular Cloud Barnard 68

Space Invaders are People!

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Saw this linked on Boing-Boing - awesome.Here’s the project’s page.

The Clock of the Long Now

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This project is pretty awe-inspiring — This guy, Danny Hillis, and his team have created a design (and two prototypes so far) for a “clock” that will run for 10,000 years. The final version will be over 60 feet tall and embedded 10,000 feet up the side of a mountain in Nevada. It will display the time in several different modes, including the positions of the planets in orbit around the sun. It’s essentially a digital clock, but it works mechanically (using pins in or out) to represent ones and zeroes. It was named by none other than Brian Eno. This is one of the most impressive and well thought out ideas I’ve heard of in a really long time, and I like it. The concept of creating a monument on this scale (physically, symbollically, and temporally) is something I’d like to see more of. Let’s build us some pyramids! Here are links: the Discover Article, the Project’s website, and a page about the 1st prototype.