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at one point, they pass a car.

Adam Kimmel presents: Claremont HD from adam kimmel on Vimeo.


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i saw some of these at the san francisco botanical garden, but they weren’t nearly as fast.

they make me think of something you’d have to use as a platform in a video game… you’d
have to jump off real quick before it sinks ((or before the flowers getcha)).

anyway - jokes aside, this time-lapse film is pretty terrif.

Giant Amazon Water Lily
Uploaded by omurap666

ok… ready? hang on. ok. ready? ok.

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I found this really awesome website the other day called Long Awkward Pose. It’s run by Katie Dippold, who is a comedy writer for MadTV and an improv performer for UCB Theatre; she also plays “Byte” in Gemberling, which is how I stumbled on her in the first place. Evidently, she’s a genius.Long Awkward Pose has a pretty straightforward and brilliant premise. From the site:

It’s simple, really. People look foolish when posing for a picture. So tell your loved ones you would like to take their photo… then secretly videotape them the whole time. 

That’s it in a nutshell. It’s a bunch of videos of people who think they’re posing for a picture. It’s hilarious. She posts a lot of videos of her coworkers at MadTV and her family members, but she also takes submissions. So far I’ve submitted five videos. I don’t know if she’ll put ‘em up, but I’ll link mine below so y’all can see. It’s a really fun joke to pull on your friends, so I imagine I’ll be doing more soon, and I’ll post them here… at least until I run out of unsuspecting friends.For now, check out the website, and here’s what I got so far:

Zach in my living roomwhile watching Legend of the Hidden Temple: Sean and Brandy at 97 Estoria:

Ian and Niki at 97 Estoria:

Christa in my kitchen:

Paul and Sheena in my living room:

Studio Apartments

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In 2002 at SCAD I made a short documentary as a final project for my advanced editing class. It’s called “Studio Apartments,” and it follows three musicians as they explore writing and recording music at home. The three musicians were, of course, friends and roommates of mine, but regardless of that bias, I still think it’s a pretty decent video piece, and the music is good.Almost all of my friends in Savannah were artists and/or musicians, and we were all playing around with writing and recording music with a different approach. At the same time, we were constantly bouncing our ideas off of each other. So when I decided to make a documentary, it was a logical step to focus on friends of mine who were also friends amongst themselves. The piece consists of separate interviews and recording footage, so you don’t necessarily know that they know one another, but it’s evident in other ways.One reason that this is still interesting to me in the first place is that it’s an early look at where these guys were coming from. They’ve all gone on to do some really great stuff, and are actively continuing to do really great stuff, so it’s interesting to see what they were like when they were just starting to figure out what direction they would go in.Everyone influenced everyone, and there was (and still is) a lot of overlap; during the production of this documentary, Paul Duncan was beginning to record his first album, To an Ambient Hollywood. He lived two doors down from me and Mickey Ladd, so we (and Joe) were all in on early critiques. After graduation, Paul and I were roommates in Atlanta, where he finished the first album and started work on his second. Home-Tapes, an indie label started by two other friends of ours, debuted with that record, and has gone on to become a really awesome, highly respected, successful endeavor; this year they had a showcase stage at the CMJ fest.Meanwhile, Joe Stickney had moved to Brooklyn and was playing with several bands. My documentary focuses on his electronic music, but Joe is also THE bad-ass drummer. Joe currently plays with Bear in Heaven and just finished a tour with Rhys Chatham as the drummer for Rhys Chatham’s Essentialist. After Atlanta, Paul joined Joe in New York, so nowadays Joe also drums in Paul’s live band and contributed a lot to his second and third albums.Since then, Mickey Ladd has kept it pretty low-key on the music tip, but he’s still writing and recording little eagles of songs. He sends me mp3s from time to time, and it’s really just a matter of time before his stuff will be in your ear, too.Anyway, for those of you that already know these guys, personally or not, I thought you might get a kick out of seeing what they were doing a few years ago. I emailed Paul a clip and he said it was embarassing, but I beg to differ. Sure, they weren’t as far along or musically developed as they are now, but this is historical stuff. I’m preserving it for posterity. Hopefully Paul won’t mind too much.If you’ve never heard of these folks before, check ‘em out. Go to Home-Tapes and buy Paul’s stuff. It is VERY GOOD. While you’re there, buy some other stuff. Everything Home-Tapes has put out so far has been incredible. They have finely-tuned tastes.Go to Paul’s, Bear in Heaven’s and Rhys Chatham’s Essentialists myspace pages. Have a listen. I don’t know if the latter dudes have anything for sale yet, but keep checking.Mickey,(1, 2), doesn’t have any records out yet, either, but I’ll let you know as soon as he without further whatever, here’s the documentary, (in 3 parts thanks to You Tube’s file size limit.) Hope you enjoy; let me know what you think.

/// one




Space Invaders are People!

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Saw this linked on Boing-Boing - awesome.Here’s the project’s page.

McDonald’s Ripped Me Off and Gave Me a Stomach-Ache

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Has anyone seen this new(ish) McDonald’s commercial that uses stop-motion animation with live actors? It starts out with a guy asleep in bed, who slides out from under the covers, onto his floor, and down the hallway, all while retaining his sleeping position. He continues out of his apartment, along a sidewalk, and into a McDonald’s, all the while “sliding” along the ground, asleep. When he exits the restaurant, he has his coffee now, and he’s awake and upright. It’s a really cool commercial, well-executed and shot, and it’s interesting the way it combines live action with animation. (I tried to find it online, but I couldn’t. this looks cool, tho) Hopefully, some of you have seen it.The funny thing is: I thought of that idea first. Ok, I know I can’t say with certainty that no one ever came up with that before, because I’m sure someone has, and maybe someone even did it before me, (not that I know of, though.) The fact is, I shot a short film in 2002 while I lived in Savannah that is basically the same exact concept without the McDonald’s or the coffee. Mine is more of a visual art piece that I put to music, but it totally involves a sleeping person sliding around her apartment without waking up, utilizing stop-motion animation. I seriously doubt a former classmate saw my film and then sold-out to McDonald’s, but it is really funny (but not haha funny) that someone out there had the same exact idea. It also kinda sucks that my concept doesn’t seem so original anymore. I wanted to put it in the local Underground Film Fest this year, since I know some of the organizers, but now I’m having second thoughts because it looks like I ripped off a McDonald’s commercial.… here’s my movie:

If anyone can find McD’s (much newer) version of my movie, send me the link and I’ll put it here.By the way, I am truly sorry and I humbly repent that this blog has kinda “gone fishin’” lately, but as y’all probably know, I’ve been working long, weird hours on We Are Marshall. I have, however, been loyally updating the Sketchbook blog every day, (even though no one seems to be paying any attention… ) (but that’s ok, ’cause it hasn’t gotten good yet.) (but come on, folks, you should still check it out once in a while if you’re bored.)I have also, just so you know, been collecting things to blog here. I have a bunch of stuff. I’m just saving it up for when I have time to put it on the table. proverbially, that is. no tables online. unless you’re talking about html tables. but I wasn’t talking about that kind of shit, and i hope you weren’t either.

Ok, So I Haven’t Submitted a Primary Photo, But…

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somebody just got listed on I to tha M to tha D to tha f’n B dot com, y’all

High Quality, Unadulterated, Columbian Stardust

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and 6 more

Point Schmoint

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I don’t know why I had never heard The Point!(w.) by Harry Nilsson until a few days ago when Paul Clifton loaned it to me as possible material for The Wonderful to cover, but please allow me to officially go on record that I find it to be delightful. All I really knew of Nilsson until recently was “Everybody’s Talkin’ from the Midnight Cowboy soundtrack. I used to have it on vinyl and it’s a good song. But The Point! is something completely different and unexpected.Apparently, the original incarnation was an animated made for tv thing, which I’d love to see, (even tho the cover art looks baaad) but I didn’t know about the film at first, and the record stands on its own. It’s basically a concept album in the form of a children’s story. Nilsson narrates the story over background music, which, on every other track turns into a song.The story is a (very) thinly veiled allegory about non-conformism featuring a kid named Oblio who is the only round-headed person in a land in which everyone is pointy-headed. Oblio’s mom knits him a pointy hat so he’ll fit in, but it doesn’t work and he gets banished to the Pointless Forest, where he encounters a Pterodactyl, among other weirdos. (Nilsson pronounces it terro-dac-TILE(!) He then wanders back to the town he was banished from, where they let him back in and everyone’s points melt off.The whole story is ridiculous and it’s pretty obvious that it was conceived on an acid trip, (Nilsson says this: “I was on acid and I looked at the trees and I realized that they all came to points, and the little branches came to points, and the houses came to point. I thought, ‘Oh! Everything has a point, and if it doesn’t, then there’s a point to it.”) In spite of all that, though, it’s got that real 70’s children’s programming feel to it: drug-inspired, sort of socially educational, slightly subversive, wholesome and totally sincere.It’s so representative of the stuff I used to listen to on the old fisher price record player when I was a little kid that it brought back a lot of those memories even though I had never heard this particular story/album. I remember loving those kind of records; stories mixed with music that you could fall asleep to and have really nice dreams.and the songs are really good.

So Doggone Electric

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A while back, Holden shot a bunch of short video clips of his old roommate’s dogs in their backyard with his digital camera. I edited them to the song So Electric, from Boulevard’s recent e.p. Vice & Daring. It’s kind of funny, so I put it online here for y’all to check it.